Villa del Totoral

The resting place for traditional families from Córdoba and Tucumán, the village where the painter Octavio Pinto was born, was also a refuge for the persecuted. Its manors and tree-lined streets gave shelter to the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda and to Rafael Alberti and María Teresa León, who had fled Spain under the Franco dictatorship.

The town, named after the profusion of cattails, treasures its history in the form of museums, old churches, and colonial manors. Its destiny, marked by the Royal Road to Alto Perú, brought the Spanish conquerors who followed the ancient paths of the Comechingones peoples who inhabited the place and whom they named Cavisacat (falling off place). Legend has it that the name recalled the blow that Antón Berrú, one of the conquerors, took when he fell off his horse in that precise spot.

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In Villa del Totoral, it is possible to enjoy this cultural tour at any time of the year. This circuit includes the oldest manors in the town.
Built between the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries, these buildings were residences of important figures who spent time in the region, such as Rafael Alberti, Pablo Neruda, Arturo M. Bas, Deodoro Roca and Roberto J. Noble, among others.
One of the favorites was the manor that belonged to Rodolfo Aráoz Alfaro, also visited by “Che” Guevara and Ernesto Sábato, the prestigious Argentine writer.

Bordered by the pristine waters of the river bearing the same name, Villa del Totoral has numerous swimming spots to swim and enjoy the outdoors.
The Cajón de Piedra area, ideal to share a refreshing moment with family or friends, is one of the favorite places for visitors. It has natural pools where small waterfalls descend. In addition, visitors can find ancient mortars on stones, as it was a settlement of the original Comechingones peoples.

In honor of the outstanding painter and writer Octavio Pinto, born in Villa del Totoral, this museum was created, which houses and exhibits his works and personal objects.
As Villa del Totoral was the place of residence and inspiration of great artists of worldwide recognition such as Pablo Neruda and Rafael Alberti, their works are also exhibited in this museum.
Address: Calle 25 de Mayo, between Presidente Perón and Hipólito Yrigoyen.



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