San Pedro Viejo Farmhouse

Pedro Luis de Cabrera, son of the founder of Córdoba, Jerónimo Luis de Cabrera, in 1602, built the farmhouse and a chapel, one of the oldest in Córdoba, which preserves the priceless image of “San Pedrito”, a 17th century carving, and its three original bells.  

At the relay station of San Pedro Viejo, travelers refreshed their spirits and regained their energy. By the end of the 18th century, it could hold up to 10,000 mules and about 3,000 sheep. About 1,000 enslaved workers were in charge of doing the hard work at the farmhouse. 

At the time of the Independence War, the relay station received the troops of the Army of the North and sheltered, among others, Manuel Belgrano, who came to the place, where he spent several nights, to cure himself of hydrops that afflicted him. The place used to be a lodge, and it is currently a private property, although permission to visit it can be requested. 

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