San Pedro Norte

The person who would give birth to San Pedro Norte would be Pedro Luis de Cabrera, who in 1602 received these land grants. The son of the founder of Córdoba ordered the construction of what has become an icon of the town: the church of San Pedro or San Pedrito, which still preserves its original structure.

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With a high cross that can be seen from a distance, it combines its Gothic architecture with the colonial style of this charming corner of Córdoba. Nearby, there are several historic buildings that are almost 200 years old.

29 kilometers from the town of San Pedro Norte, this renowned place is located, where the Comechingones and Sanavirones (native aboriginals) captured the history of their people through drawings that are still preserved on the walls of the legendary Cerro Colorado.
Some 3,000 rock pictographs remain there, dating from a period that goes from about 1,500 years before the present to about 400 years ago.
Phone: (0351) 156135922
Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 9 am to 1 pm, and 4 pm to 8 pm.

Agua Escondida is located before reaching San Pedro Norte, 160 km from the city of Córdoba. The house is named after the famous singer and songwriter Atahualpa Yupanqui, who used it as a refuge after his travels around the world.
Inside this former residence, now transformed into a museum, personal objects of the famous composer and poet are exhibited, with walls upholstered with nostalgia and emotions.
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday, 9 am to 8 pm
Phone: (011) 1566865521

This ecological reserve is located 142 km North of the city of Córdoba, by Ruta Nacional N. 9 in the Tulumba Department and within the Cerro Colorado Natural and Cultural Reserve. It is surrounded by hills and crossed by the gentle Guayascate River, which allows us to enjoy the shade of old wicker willows, talas, matos and carob trees.
Guayascate Farmhouse, within its 120 hectares, is home to a great diversity of native flora and fauna that we seek to preserve and protect along with the historical legacy of its native inhabitants. A must-see!
Phone: (0351) 153927156

40 kilometers from San Pedro Norte by RP 21, you will find this refuge of magnificent artisans that preserve ancient customs, fusing the vestiges of the native peoples and the historical legacy among its religious relay stations and cultural sites, such as the San Roque Sanctuary and Casa de Piedra (Stone House).
To enjoy the outdoors, it is worth a good idea to visit the small dam, a water body where you can go fishing and enjoy Las Vertientes stream for hiking. It is also a must to visit the Monte de las Barrancas Natural Reserve.
Directions: From the city of Córdoba, take RN 9 and then follow RN 60.


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