Las Piedritas Relay Station

At Las Piedritas Relay Station, a bust of Mr. Santiago de Liniers marks the place where the former Viceroy was imprisoned on August 6, 1810. The arrest operation was commanded by Colonel Antonio Balcarce, who, despite the orders he had received from Buenos Aires, did not dare to shoot him. It was clear that Liniers, hero of the Reconquest of Buenos Aires and later conspirator and organizer of the May counterrevolution, stirred loyalties. 

The former Viceroy traveled these roads to reach Alto Perú in search of supporters to overthrow the Junta de Mayo (May Board), but luck abandoned him at Las Piedritas. Weeks after his arrest, he was executed by firing squad at Monte de los Papagayos. 

At the historic Las Piedritas Relay Station, the bust of Liniers continues to commemorate his last steps.

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