San Francisco del Chañar

San Francisco del Chañar hosted the relay station that was absorbed by the village. Its historical roots date back to 1778. Its ruins remain in front of the central square and an old establishment, today a family house, where the wheels of the carriages were built.  

The old chapel was replaced by a majestic church built at the end of the 19th century, popularly known as Catedral del Norte cordobés (Cathedral of the North of Córdoba).

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From the rural surroundings, next to the caranday palm trees, the monumental presence of the church stands out. Owing to its magnificent architecture, it is known as the “Cathedral of the North of Córdoba”. Its volumetric configuration is impressive for its richness and the delicacy of its details.

Just a few kilometers away from San Francisco del Chañar, two emblematic places of the Royal Road.


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