Sinsacate Relay Station National Museum

The relay station was one of the stops of the founding expedition of Córdoba, in 1573. Prominent personalities of the colonial and Independence periods passed through this place. The relay station witnessed the passing of the patriot armies that marched to Alto Perú. San Martín was there when he took charge of the Army of the North. And in the old chapel of the relay station, the remains of Facundo Quiroga and his secretary, Colonel José Santos Ortiz, who were assassinated, together with their delegation in an ambush nearby, in Barranca Yaco, in February 1835, were mourned.

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Sinsacate Festivities

Royal Road Festival, Facundo's Month, Carnivals, Festival on Wheels: Food Trucks, Via Crucis, “Waiting for the 25th” Folk Night, Virgen de Guadalupe Patron Saint Festivities y Day of the Origin.

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