Pancho Ramírez Monument

The caudillo from Entre Ríos, Francisco “Pancho” Ramírez, who governed his province and fought in the federal cause, where he obtained great recognition and prestige in the times of the internal struggles, prior to the period of the formation of the Nation, confronted other provincial caudillos who, like him, opposed the supremacy of the port. He was in the territory of Córdoba when troops of Estanislao López from Santa Fe and Bustos from Córdoba intercepted him and defeated him in a confrontation. Ramírez, who kept his life and managed to escape, retraced his steps when he learned that Delfina, his companion throughout the campaign, had been captured. The caudillo decided to return to rescue her, but the enemy showed no mercy: they shot him dead. His head arrived in Santa Fe nailed to a pike. López had it embalmed and exhibited in the Cabildo (town hall of the time). The spot, by means of a monument, commemorates that moment.

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