El Carrizal Old Farmhouse

Mr. Tristán Vivas, around 1870, had the idea of copying an Italian villa and transferring it to the rugged landscape of northern Córdoba. On one side of the old Royal Road, in the middle of a low scrubby landscape, the old tower of El Carrizal suddenly bursts into view.

What once was a beautiful villa, with a gallery to the park surrounding the central area, allows us to dream of summer nights and starry skies when the building was constructed.

Inside, wooden floors, walls where you can still see delicate painted flowers and in the central area, ceilings that remain supported by beams that threaten to break, are dominated by the presence of a today-flimsy wooden staircase that climbs to the second floor, although climbing it today would be a daring act.

At the back, some crumbling walls reveal that mud was used in some parts to bind the bricks together.

Despite the absence of roofs, and the vegetation encroaching, it still shows the importance of the place.

On the other side of the road is the new main part of the farmhouse.

Architects call the style that recreates, as in this case, a European style in these lands, picturesque.

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