Caroya Farmhouse

The Jesuit Order, settled in what is now the city of Córdoba, during the 16th century, designed a system of productive rural farmhouses that allowed them to finance their educational and religious work. In 1616, they acquired the land and built the first farmhouses in Caroya. The site, also used for the recreation of its residents, became later and during the Independence War, the first factory of bladed weapons that provided weaponry to the Army of the North. And it was, during the presidency of Nicolás Avellaneda, at the end of the 19th century, place of shelter of the first families that arrived from Friuli, north of Italy, founders of the today-prosperous city of Colonia Caroya. Its walls treasure four centuries of history.

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Patron Saint's Festivity in Honor of Virgen de Monserrat, Caroya Carnivals, Grape Harvest and Fruit and Vegetable Growing Festival, National Grape Festival, Patron Saint's Festivity of San Antonio de Padua, Caroya's Typical Food Festival, Provincial Festival of the Typical Salami

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Sites of interest:

It is a family establishment that offers enological and educational guided tours through its vineyard and artisan winery, being one of the regional enterprises that preserves the first Friulian traditions of Colonia Caroya with the harvest of frambua grapes and the elaboration of homemade wine.
Address: Calle 148 n°4301 – Lote 32 “B” Tronco Pozo 5223 Colonia Caroya, Córdoba, Argentina
Phone: (03525) 536134
E-mail: [email protected]

It is an ecological farm open to the public dedicated to agritourism, offering a dynamic experience that combines leisure, education, culture, and tourism. Visitors can explore a farm, an orchard, a blacksmith's and workshop museum, and other facilities relating to rural life.
Address: Calle 60 Norte, in the middle of the rural area, Colonia Caroya
Phone: (03525) 46-5555

It is an old house that is a symbol of the life of the first settlers who came to these lands. Built in 1896, it is now restored and has been declared a historical monument. In this museum, it is possible to observe the customs and traditions of the Friulians of northern Italy; it also exhibits clothing of the time, kitchen items, furniture, and tools they used to work the land.
Address: Pedro Patat and Calle 140 Tronco Pozo, Colonia Caroya, Córdoba, Argentina
Phone: (03525) 461500
E-mail: [email protected]
Inside this museum there are several symbols that represent the institution, the construction of the José Hernández Amphitheater and the Martín Fierro stage, as well as typical elements of Argentine folklore.
Address: Cleto Peña 82, Jesús María, Córdoba
Phone: (03525) 40-0892

Here it is possible to tour its three hectares of vineyards and learn from the owner about the history and the Italian imprint of this space. It also explains how the land is farmed and how pruning is done, and the winemaking process, the fermentation process, and its transfer to the cellar, and finally, the tasting of its completely handcrafted wines.
Address: Calle 76 (Ramón Mestre) and 40
Colonia Caroya, Córdoba, Argentina
Phone: (03525) 468712
E-mail: [email protected] Address: J. Kennedy and Córdoba (Railroad Esplanade)

Formed as a cooperative in 1930 (of Friulian origin), it is one of the largest and oldest winemaking areas in the province. It is also one of the most awarded for the quality of its products, both nationally and internationally.
Here visitors can tour all its facilities and then taste the different varieties of wines that are produced.
Address: Avenida San Martín 2281 Colonia Caroya, Córdoba, Argentina
Phone: (03525) 466270/370
E-mail: [email protected]

Terra Camiare is renowned for making its wines in a comprehensive fashion with the best grapes from different productive areas of the province, such as Colonia Caroya, Quilino, Cruz del Eje, Valle de Calamuchita, and Valle de Traslasierra. Its winery has a total capacity of 600,000 liters in wine barrels and has the best technology in equipment.
Address: Santos Nobile (N) 505. Colonia Caroya. Córdoba, Argentina
Phone: (03525) 465220
E-mail: [email protected]
Address: Ingeniero Olmos 453, Jesús María, Córdoba, Argentina
Phone: (03525) 443773
E-mail: [email protected]


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