Barranco Yaco Monument

In Barranca Yaco, nine crosses recall a dark episode of national history: On a bend, a few kilometers from Sinsacate, a rumble was heard:

it was a hot February 16, 1835, when Facundo Quiroga, accompanied by a small group of men, was galloping towards Buenos Aires, where he was residing, (protected by Juan Manuel de Rosas, whose government had entrusted him with a mission in the provinces), and was returning after having fulfilled his mission. 

Rumors spread through Córdoba that the Reynafé brothers would ambush him in Barranca Yaco, but Quiroga, ignoring the advice that suggested him to change his route or ask for an escort, continued along the same path.

Sometime later, those accused of the crime were executed by order of Rosas.

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