San Francisco del Chañar festivities


Palm Provincial Festival

During the second week of February, the main stage of the San Francisco del Chañar square is festively decorated to receive renowned provincial and national artists.

At the same time, stands of local handicrafts made from the palm are set up, as well as gastronomic stands where typical Creole food is served, such as asado (Argentine barbecue), locro (a hearty thick squash stew), empanadas (hand-sized turnovers) and the exquisite goats of the area.


Patron Saint Festivities

On July 24, the town of San Francisco del Chañar commemorates its patron saint. With the novena (a Catholic practice of prayer that is done over the course of nine days), a strong religious sentiment is professed to the saint after whom the town is named, and on July 24 the procession takes place, where the patron saint is paraded through the town in his best clothes. Before and after the mass in honor of San Francis Solano, celebrations and various activities are held in the main square.


San Francisco del Chañar Anniversary

Every August 14, the foundation of San Francisco del Chañar is commemorated. The celebrations begin the week prior to this date with different recreational activities and cultural events and conclude with a massive ceremony in the central square.

With the presence of the town's government agencies, the traditional civic parade is held with the participation of the different educational centers, the Police of the Province of Córdoba and the Firefighters of San Francisco del Chañar. 

Afterwards, free shows are performed and, due to the proximity of the date, children's day is celebrated.


Day of the Virgin

La Cañada Farmhouse is located 6 km west of San Francisco del Chañar. In this imposing rural setting, every December 8, the families of the town gather to go in procession to the main square. There, religious images converge from different sectors of the town and the area, concluding with a mass in honor and commemoration of Virgen del Valle (Virgin of the Valley).

El Cercado Child Procession 

The origin of the traditional El Cercado Child Procession dates back to the end of the 19th century, when a great drought ravaged the region. Since then, every December 24, the congregation walks, rides bicycles or horses in search of the image of baby Jesus. It is currently located in Los Cerrillos, 23 km from San Francisco del Chañar. To the rhythm of drums and boxes, accompanied by gauchos on horses and flags, the congregation returns with the image of the El Cercado Child that arrives to the town at dusk. Then it is taken to the San Francisco Solano Parish, which, due to its breathtaking architecture, is known as the “Cathedral of the North”, where the Christmas Eve mass is celebrated.

Photos provided by the Local Government / Community